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The Indoor Track Update - R12 Changelog
We aren't quite finished with the big story update we had planned for this week, but we've continued to renovate Bloxer's Gym and added another new area. What's...
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The Conveyor Belt Update - R11 Changelog
We're back! We spent the first two weeks of August doing the #LOWREZJAM (see: SIN-39-6204 ) and have been on a much-needed vacation since, so today marks our fi...
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The BAWK Update - R10 Changelog
It's a small update this week while we take some time off for the #LOWREZJAM. Minor control updates & fixes. Added a sound effect for the chicken. New grass and...
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The Camera Tricks Update - Demo R9 Changelog
This week's update puts the M in KBM . Fast item switching and camera control are no longer gamepad-exclusive! Changelog: -Added several features to KBM cont...
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The Developer Commentary Update - Demo R8 Changelog
Who says a game that's still in early development can't have postgame developer commentary? People who eat their bread with the butter side down, probably. Revi...
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The Cool Shades Update - Demo R7 Changelog
Today's upate largely focuses on improving the player experience and making the controls more intuitive. Patch Notes: -Keyboard controls have been updated to a...
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Demo - Revision 6 C̷͢h҉̢҉a̛҉̀n̡͟͠ǵ̴̶̨e̴̸̶̴̡l̀͘͡o͡g͞͠
Patch Notes: -1 new trophy. -Redesigned Bloxer's Gym exterior. -Cleaned up level geometry / texture seams in some places. -Added support for Book-style textboxe...
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Demo - Revision 5 Changelog
Patch notes: -More tile layer bug fixes. -Added keyboard button prompts. The game will select between keyboard and gamepad depending on what input is being use...
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