The Camera Tricks Update - Demo R9 Changelog

This week's update puts the M in KBM. Fast item switching and camera control are no longer gamepad-exclusive!  


-Added several features to KBM controls using the Mouse:

  • The camera control can be activated by holding the middle mouse button and moving the mouse to pivot.
  • Left Click can now be used as the Talk/Interact key, and Right Click can be used to Use items.
  • You can cycle your equipped item using the Scroll Wheel.
  • When a textbox is open, RMB will skip/cancel and Scroll Wheel will cycle through dialogue options.

-More guidance: 

  • When first meeting Snowman, a short cutscene will play to emphasize the goal of the main quest.
  • A villager has been added to the Apartment Exterior map to inform players how to skip dialogue.

-The game's background is now rendered statically, instead of being a large wall placed behind the map.

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Jul 23, 2018

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