The Cool Shades Update - Demo R7 Changelog

Today's upate largely focuses on improving the player experience and making the controls more intuitive. 

Patch Notes:

-Keyboard controls have been updated to allow arrow keys for movement, and both the [E] and [Enter] keys function when interacting with textboxes. The [Esc] key will now pause the game.

-Gamepad controls have been updated to allow fast item switching using the LB/RB buttons without having to open the Pockets menu.

-The Pockets menu will now automatically highlight the item you have equipped. 

-More lighting issues have been fixed.

-The triggers on map waypoints have been reworked and improved.

-Ground-level waypoints now feature signs to more clearly indicate their purpose and function.

-And, most importantly: Pal will now wear a set of cool shades when the Shades item is equipped.

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Jul 14, 2018

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