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Sequence Break

Break Stuff. Get Stuck. Start Over.

Sequence Break is a retro-3D platformer adventure game.
Break stuff, get stuck, and start over using the items you've collected to take new paths and try new things!


  • Explore a unique Retro-3D world
  • Solve puzzles using time travel (or something like it)
  • Fight global warming (sometimes literally)
  • I͝n҉̴͝t̴̡e̵͟r̡͟à̕͡ç͡҉t͘ ̸͟͠w͡i̶͞͡t͜h ͘a̸ ́çó͟͡l̵̀҉ór̴҉f̨͢u҉͟l͟͞͡ ̶͜ç̷͡a͟s͞t͟ ̴o͢f̡̀ ҉çh͝a̴̢ra̷͏cte̛̕r҉̛s̡
  • Collect cards & hidden achievements

Bloxer's GymGame Mechanic ChickenIo's Arcade

The Sequence Break Demo is a self-contained microcosm of what was meant to be a full-length game. The demo offers a complete, albeit very short, adventure that serves to demonstrate the central themes and gameplay elements. The game's development has been put on indefinite hiatus and no further updates are planned at this time. Technical limitations have prevented the game from achieving its potential, and a full rewrite in a new engine would be required n order to bring to life the game that Sequence Break was meant to be.

Gamepad controls are highly recommended.
The game is fully playable with a keyboard, but may not be optimized.

MoveLeft Stick[W][A][S][D]
Use ItemY[R]
CameraRight StickMouse Middle Button
Fast Item Switch
LB / RBScroll Wheel

You can remap the gamepad by pressing [Start] + [Select] at the title screen, then hitting [ENTER] on your keyboard. Keyboard controls cannot be remapped at this time.

Demo footage may be used freely for Let's Play videos or streams.

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorNo Extra Lives
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags3D Platformer, Experimental, Low-poly, Retro, secrets, Sprites, Time Travel
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any)


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