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You're driving through rural Indiana when your GPS signal cuts out. You find yourself on a road that goes on... And on... And on... There's no end in sight, and there's no turning back.

How far will you go?

S̵̴̢̨Ì̴̛͞͡N̴̸͡͏-̸̴͜͢͝3͞͠9́͢͝-҉̶̨̢͞6̷́͜2̨̕̕͡0̴̨͡͠4̶͡ was created for #LOWREZJAM 2018. 


SIN-39-6204.zip 4 MB

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for how scarce gas, food, and beverages are, and considering the distance, there is little to no possibility of getting all four gems with the speed the vehicle is going. seven playthroughs and all of them came close to just after the first gem before dying.

Since this was made for a gamejam, I unfortunately didn't have a lot of time to playtest and balance it properly -- but thanks for playing, anyhow! 

ah, i see. well it was interesting regardless and i look forward to what else you might devise from that corrupted mind of yours.

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This was just awesome. I'm kinda loving playing the low poly low rez games at the moment and I've played this about 10 minutes on a 24 inch wide screen monitor and luckily, motion sickness hasn't kicked in yet.

I'm thinking of turning this into a long screensaver and wondered if it's ok with you? I'd add some free backing tracks as well.