Gamejam Complete!

The deadline for #LOWREZJAM 2018 is drawing near, and we've just submitted our entry: S̵̴̢̨Ì̴̛͞͡N̴̸͡͏-̸̴͜͢͝3͞͠9́͢͝-҉̶̨̢͞6̷́͜2̨̕̕͡0̴̨͡͠4̶͡

Go on a roadtrip! Drive, stop for food, get gas, that kinda thing. And don't forget to stop and see the sights; maybe you'll uncover some of the strange goings-on...

The gamejam version doesn't have all the features we hoped to include, but has a complete game loop: drive, collect resources, see how far you can make it without dying. We'll consider revisiting the project at a later time to add more content and expand on the game's world.

Get S̵̴̢̨Ì̴̛͞͡N̴̸͡͏-̸̴͜͢͝3͞͠9́͢͝-҉̶̨̢͞6̷́͜2̨̕̕͡0̴̨͡͠4̶͡

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